AT&T changes prices on Mobile Share Value plans


It seems every major US carrier is in the business of shaking up their plans and pricing the past few months. T-mobile is constantly shaking things up with Uncarrier announcements every few weeks, and it seems Verizon and AT&T want to keep following in their footsteps. It’s pretty clear to me that AT&T and Verizon have both felt the pinch of T-Mobile poaching customers, even if they won’t admit it. Last week Verizon announced their new Verizon Plan S-M-L-XL, for those of us that want data in the same way buy t-shirts or coffee. Today AT&T announced some similar changes to their Mobile Share Value plans, shaking up the pricing and tiers available.

The Mobile Share Value plan tiers of 1GB ($25) or 3GB ($40) data buckets are now gone and have been replaced by a 2GB $30 option. The 6GB $70 option is gone as well and has been replaced by 5GB for $50. The biggest change with the best value potential is the $100 plan now includes 15 GB of data instead of 10 GB. The 20 GB plan is also now priced at $140. Here is a quick summary of the changes:



If you need more data, plans of up to 200 GB are available for small business owners. I’m not really sure if any of these plans aside from the $100 option are that great of a deal. I guess if you happen to call Mexico and Canada a lot the top two tiers are now a much better value. If you want to check out the new plans they will be live tomorrow, stop by an AT&T store or check out their website.

via: AT&T

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