Samsung Preparing Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge Sprint Variants For Samsung Pay


When Samsung announced Samsung Pay for the Note 5 the question was raised will the new feature be available for the Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge. Their is currently an update rolling out to Sprint Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge devices that will prepare them for the release of Samsung Pay which will happen on September 28th. Their is a trial program which opens tomorrow for select users to get early access to Samsung Pay. Their are some other features coming to the S6 and S6 edge on Sprint.

Along with Samsung Pay there will now be an option for live broadcasting via Yahoo? You would think that they would build in the same “live stream to youtube” feature that is found in the Note 5. Other features included in the update are “High quality Audio when using Samsung headphones”, UI updates, and bug fixes. While OTA updates often block root, this may be one update you might want to consider taking if Samsung Pay is more important to you than root.

In case you were wondering Verizon has officially stated that they are still assessing whether or not they will support Samsung Pay. Sources are telling me that it is not likely that Verizon will decide to support Samsung Pay which is kind of infuriating since they have made the decision to support both Android Pay and Apple Pay.

via Sprint

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