Why Does The Galaxy Note 5 S Pen Get Stuck When You Put It In Backwards



This post is not meant to conjure up a heated discussion on how stupid you must be for putting in the S Pen backwards! Everyone has made a careless mistake. S Pens really are getting stuck and all Samsung had to say about this today was “Read your user manual”. You would think that Samsung would have made some sort of attempt to correct this prior to releasing the phone. I guess they figured it would be a non issue. The fact of the matter is that it really is a big issue. If you do somehow accidentally slide your S Pen in backwards you will damage the built in S Pen detection, and may even damage your S Pen trying to remove it from the Note 5 S Pen reservoir.

Dom Esposito posted a long explanation of what exactly is causing the S Pen to get stuck. His post includes a tear down of the device showing the components of the device that are causing this unfortunate thing to happen. It turns out there is actually a physical lever that tells the phone if the S Pen is in the reservoir or not. Sticking the S Pen in backwards damages this physical part of the phone. When this happens the phone has no way of detecting the S Pen. There is a second lever that can get caught on the clicky end of the S Pen. Once it gets stuck it is nearly impossible to get it out. The only known way to get the S Pen unstuck is to wiggle it free. This is way harder than it sounds though and you could potentially break your S Pen off inside of the phone.

The moral of this story is DONT stick the S Pen in your Note 5 backwards. For pictures of the torn down device, and drawings of what exactly happens when you stick the S Pen in backwards head to the link below.


via 9to5google

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