Check out this sweet Galaxy S6 Telescope case and tripod


A few days ago I took a look at the Mobile Fun Telescope case and Tripod for Samsung Galaxy S6 on my Youtube Channel. I was very impressed overall with the quality of the lens and usability of the phone while on the tripod. The telescope lens offers 12x zoom capability that allows any serious mobile photographer to get far away shots with excellent clarity. The included case also functions excellently as a thin-fit bumper without the lens or tripod attached. The tripod and lens are small enough to fit in a small tech bag or backpack so it is easy to carry around the setup for any travel situation or quick photos. Check out the video for a quick look at the case setup:

The overall build on the lens and tripod are excellent and I was able to get stable shots from far away distances. If you like you may also use the case and lens without the tripod, though I did find it was difficult to get a steady shot with the lens attached and no tripod to stabilize. My main use case for the tripod is indoors. As seen in the video, I used the tripod to get some far off shots of my sneaker collection and the shots look quite nice. This fall I plan to use the tripod when I attend NBA games to get some nice on-court shots from the stands. Although I only did a few test shots outside in direct light (it’s super hot in Phoenix right now in the daytime) the lens performed very well and should be ideal for parents capturing photos or video at kid’s sporting events.

One thing I would note about the case is to be careful when screwing on the tripod attachment. It is a bit easy to strip the included screw if not careful. Perhaps this was user error on my part but it is something I noticed. Overall I’m very pleased with the tripod case, my biggest complaint being the box initially scared me with a picture of the Galaxy S4 instead of the S6 ( see video). If you want to check out the case yourself, hit up the Mobile Fun links below. The case is available for both the S6 and S6 Edge for $52.49.

Mobile Fun Telescope case and Tripod Galaxy S6

Mobile Fun Telescope case and Tripod S6 Edge


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