No More Google Chromecast or Apple Tv’s On Amazon!



In a push to sell more Amazon Tv’s Amazon has decided to ban the competition. Amazon will put a stop to any new listings for both devices starting today, and on October 29th they will remove all existing listings. The reason for this is obvious. When Amazon sells either of the two devices they may get a penny on the sell, but the lose out on all the content that could have been sold on their own devices.

Other streaming devices that will still be available for sell include the Roku Box, Xbox, and Playstation among others. Both the Apple TV and Chromecast both allow for Amazon streaming via Amazon Prime. The only device out of the bunch that gives you no freedom to choose which platform to use is the Amazon Fire Tv and Fire stick. The reason given by Amazon corporate for the ban is that Prime video has become an important part of Amazon prime over the past three years and that they just want streaming media players that Amazon sells to interact well with Prime video to avoid customer confusion.

Chromecast can still be purchased from places like BestBuy and the Google Store, and you can often find pretty good deals on these devices through websites like slickdeals, and groupon. As for Apple TV you can find those at Apple’s official website.

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