How To Root Android 6.0 Marshmallow On Nexus Devices!


If you have a Nexus device chances are you decided to purchase your Nexus because you love to be on the bleeding edge of technology. You desire to have the latest and greatest of everything! You have more than likely already updated your Nexus to Android 6.0 Marshmallow, and count yourself lucky to be one of the first several thousand to use this latest version of Android.

If you own a Nexus device you more than likely also love to root your devices. Nexus devices have always been very easy to root, but don’t go and flash SuperSu over Android 6.0 or you will mess things up. You will need to first flash a modified boot.img to gain root. You can then flash the latest version of SuperSU over that. You will need to be bootloader unlocked before you can achieve any of this. You will also need to have a custom recovery installed like TWRP.

To root 6.0 simply flash the modified boot image via fastboot mode, then flash the recovery of your choice. Boot into recovery and flash the new supersu. I would recommend browsing to the SuperSU file from your phone and just downloading the file to your phone directly. If you somehow forget you can use adb push to push the file to your phone from your PC. Once the process is finished you will be on stock Android 6.0 and you will be rooted.

Grab Your modified Boot.img here

Grab TWRP For Your Device here


Grab SuperSU 2.52 here

How To Unlock Your Bootloader

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  1. David says:

    Anyone figure out how to enable free WiFi hotspot on android 6 yet?

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