HOA Weekly Wrap: HTC Needs “Uh Oh” Protection+Priv Thoughts

2015-11-06 13.15.16

HTC is getting on my nerves a lot lately. Not just because of how they responded to criticism that the A9 looks like an iPhone with a vitriolic, “we did it first”, but also because the roll out and pricing of the phone has been fairly terrible. I was pretty excited to get the A9 I preordered in so I could have a look and judge the quality of the hardware for myself. Unfortunately, on Friday night, I received this email:



Yes, I know I just gave away my promo code, if it’s still active feel free to help yourself. Also, I was aware from HTC’s press conference that the Topaz Gold A9 would ship a bit later, but late November? That is pretty ridiculous and unacceptable to me. Unfortunately, it wasn’t just the gold color, the silver and gunmetal were delayed into next week, and the red is delayed until early December. I foresee a lot of cancellation emails in HTC’s future. On Saturday morning I personally sent an email to HTC asking if I could switch my color choice, but I am unfortunately still awaiting a reply. I have a distinct feeling I might be in a pretty long line. HTC has always been one of my favorite Android OEMs, but they need to step their game up. The A9 is now grossly overpriced in the US and abroad. What’s worse, they can’t even ship the phones that were preordered at the semi-reasonable price of $399. I’ll end this rant here, but as a reminder once again: Please do not pay $499+ for the HTC One A9.

I think HTC should consider investing in their own “Uh Oh Protection”, they’re gonna need it.

Aside from my frustration with the A9, we had a very productive week around here at HOA. I continued my coverage of the LG V10 fingerprint scanner issues, unboxed the Blackberry Priv, and Max and Shane brought it with excellent continuing coverage of the Nexus 6P. Here’s your weekly dose of HOA video goodness:

Overall I’m really enjoying the Blackberry Priv so far. I think Blackberry did a great job of walking the line between pleasing hardcore Blackberry users, and loyal Android fans. The LG V10 is also a great phone currently in my daily rotation, but the fingerprint issue with cases on is really bothering me. I’ve reached out to LG through multiple mediums and they promise a fix is coming, but this is a pretty big issue for many people. Telling customers to simply not use a case is not an acceptable answer, at least to me.

Max and Shane have done a great job covering the Nexus 6P. I’ve been so busy with my full time day job and the V10/Priv I have neglected the 6P a bit. Rooting the 6P is a MUST, you can manually control doze mode on Marshmallow and get some crazy battery life, highly recommend checking out Max’s video if you own the 6P!

The ASUS Zenfone 2 Laser was a pleasant surprise this past week. ASUS continues to put out quality budget options in the Android space amongst pretty crazy competition. If anyone picked that phone up, I’d love to hear your thoughts on it in the comments or on Twitter.

Should be another crazy week around here as we move toward the holiday season and finish up all of these flagship reviews. I also ordered a DROID Turbo 2…mainly because I got a great deal, but who knows when I’ll get around to doing the review on that phone. I plan to push out my Moto 360 2nd Gen and Xperia Z5 review this week, so be on the lookout for that. Let me know in the comments if there are any aspects of the Priv I should pay special attention to while reviewing that phone! I’ll be back next week with more HOA news, see ya!

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