Samsung Starting Production Of The Exynos 8 Later This Year!


Samsung’s Exynos processors are some of the best in the smartphone market. Every year they get better and better. The Exynos 7 in the Note 5 and Galaxy S6 is very fast, and with it Touchwiz is finally fluid and lag free. Of course Samsung is getting ready to start production on the upcoming Galaxy S7. Earlier it was reported that the S7 would feature the Snapdragon 820, and this still appears to be true for some variants. The only reason I prefer Snapdragon over the Exynos processors is the fact that Rom developers support the Snapdragon processors. Cyanogen in particular has already said they would not support any device with an Exynos chip. It’s just to hard for them to get their hands on source code for Exynos devices, which means it is a grueling process of trial and error to get bugs hammered out.

If you don’t care about Roms you are going to be ecstatic about the upcoming Exynos 8! This processor will be an all in one solution and will feature Samsung’s first ever designed 64bit Arm-v8 architecture and will feature the latest LTE Rel. 12 Cat. 12/13 modem. The Exynos 8 Octa core processor will perform 30% better than the Exynos 7 while being 10% more efficient in power consumption over the Exynos 7! This means jumping from screen to screen will be more fluid, apps will open faster, and the S7 should be snappier than any previous Galaxy device all while using less battery power increasing your battery life. The chip will feature heterogeneous multi-processing for maximum efficiency for all 8 cores. The Exynos 8 also uses ARM’s latest Mali-T880 GPU which means it will support high level graphics from 3D games and even Virtual Reality!

The built in modem allows for a maximum of 600MB/s downloads and 150MB/s uploads which is very impressive for a cell phone! The all in one fully integrated design of the chip takes up much less space than the Exynos 7 which means Samsung will be able to make their devices even thinner, or they could use the space for extra battery power. Hopefully they will go for the ladder. Production will start on the chip in late 2015. Hopefully we will see this in the upcoming S7!

via Samsung Tomorrow

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