FREE Remote When You Purchase A Shield TV!


I am the guy who has all the stuff so it is impossible for people to buy me gifts. My birthday is coming up in just a few weeks, and Christmas is just around the corner. The only thing that I can even think that I would want for either of these events is the Nvidia Shield TV! The Shield TV is pretty cool because it does so much more than just Android TV. It comes pretty dang close to replacing gaming consoles for the casual gamer.

Yes you can download games from the Play Store but Nvidia has a far more compelling service that allows for unlimited gaming called GeForce. GeForce allows you to connect to Nvidia’s super computers so you can stream PC games directly to your TV. Games in the service include some pretty popular titles. You can also purchase new release games from the online store.

Right now is the best time to grab one of these devices. For a limited time Nvidia is offering a free remote with your Shield TV purchase. That is a $50 value and is pretty much necessary to experience the Shield TV to the fullest! The Shield TV is also $25 off and includes the free controller at amazon! Grab it from the link below.


via Amazon

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