LG G5 Will Reportedly Feature All Metal Body


LG is one of the few Android OEMs left out there to feature plastic on their flagships phones. Big names like Samsung, Apple, HTC, and Motorola have all made the move to phones built with premium materials like metal, glass, wood, etc. The new LG V10 features metal rails along the sides, and definitely is a bit of a departure from the build of the G4 released earlier this year. It appears that LG is ready to continue their experimentation with new build materials into 2016.

Sources at etnews are reporting today that the LG G5 will feature an all metal body which is a “major step forward than previous smartphones.” What exactly that means is unclear. One thing that an all metal body usually means is lack of removable battery and/or expandable memory. That would be a damn shame since I really love keeping my G4 and V10 around for those reasons. Hopefully LG will work some magic and find a way to bring us these features we love even with a metal design.

Aside from the reports of more premium materials, we’re also hearing that LG is looking to release the G5 immediately after it is announced. Many times OEMs announce a phone and then wait weeks to release it, when all the hype has naturally died down. LG will reportedly look to launch the phone in February of 2016 to compete with the Galaxy S7 launch from Samsung. If LG can get their supply chain ready and deliver on a new premium body with the same great camera, they definitely have a shot at competing for top flagship of 2016. The only thing left for LG to do now is simplify the horrible UX4.0 interface.

Who’s excited to get on that 2016 flagship hype train?

Source: etnews via Droid Life

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