LG V10 vs Nexus 6P Speed Test Video!

LG sent me the V10 last week. To be honest this was not one of the phones I was really looking to pick up for myself. I didn’t really get it. We are fresh off the LG G4, and this kind of seemed like a me too device in the wake of the release of other flagship devices like the Nexus 6P and iPhone 6s. I was kind of turned off by the design of the device when I first saw images.

After using the device over the past week or so I have to say I finally get it! This is a phablet which competes with the likes of the Nexus 6P and Note 5, and it does so well. After having the device in hand I actually love the design. The V10 is… different. It’s not just more of the same with its rubberish textured back, and steel side rails. The phone is super elegant.

It nearly matches the performance of the Nexus 6P. In the past few days I have only noticed one or two hang ups causing me to back out of apps. This could have been due to internet. Overall animations are snappy, and the UI is pretty fluid. The phone sports a Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 hexacore processor and 4GB of ram. This phone is also great at multitasking and never had to totally reload an app. Instead it simply recalls the app you already have opened in the background.

The phone performs so well I decided to do a speed test. I matched it up against the Nexus 6P which has proven itself as the standard when it comes to speed. In my speed tests I run through a series of apps to check the phones app open speeds, then in the second round I cycle through the same apps to see how the phone manages memory. I do the test with each phone 5 times and use the fastest speed for the video. Check out the video above to see which phone wins.

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