HOA Deals: HTC Black Friday,Galaxy View $100 Off, Cheap SD Cards!


As we gear up for Black Friday week, it’s time to prepare and sort through the onslaught of Android related deals that are sure to come our way. Yesterday HTC release their schedule of deals for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and continuing into the holiday season. Highlighted in HTC’s deals package is the ability to trade in your current phone and get up to $499 off the price of an HTC One A9. The trade-in value varies greatly depending on which current phone you have:

  • If you trade in an iPhone 6/6S or 6+/6S+, you will receive $499 off the A9, that’s full retail, so you won’t pay anything for a new phone.
  • Trading in a Galaxy S6 or S6 Edge will net you $200 off the A9, so your cost will be $299 in that case.
  • If you trade in the LG G3 or G4, you can get $100 off the A9, a pretty insulting amount, especially for the G4.

I’ll hold off on making the obvious “you can trade in your iPhone for another iPhone” joke, but I’m sure plenty of other bloggers will pick up the slack for me. If you don’t want the A9,the Nexus 9 will be available at 40% retail, starting Thanksgiving day through Black Friday. If you are one of the first 500 buyers of a Nexus 9 32GB LTE model, you will also receive a free Logitech Keyboard.

After Black Friday, HTC will be running a 40% off all accessories promotion on Saturday and Sunday. Cyber Monday will see the RE camera on sale for 60% off, through Wednesday December 2. If you are one of the first 900 to buy a RE camera in this time period, you will also get a RE protection pack for free. The HTC One M9 will also be available for 40% off retail during the same period the RE camera is on sale.

If you don’t want to wait for a solid deal, there are a few interesting things on sale today. Amazon currently has the Galaxy View, Samsung’s giant 18.4″ tablet, on sale for $100 off, only 3 weeks after release. In addition, Amazon is holding a very nice sale on micro SD cards that will net you a 128GB card for only $49.99! If you are interested in either of these, check out the links below! Be on the lookout for more deals throughout the week as they come in!

Buy Galaxy View on Amazon for $100 Off!

Buy 128GB micro SD Card on Amazon for $49.99

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