OnePlus 2 Invite System Ends December 5th


OnePlus apparently has a lot of tricks up their sleeve this week. A few days ago they announced that they now make an official OnePlus Never Settle approved iPhone 6S case. Wait, what? Yes, an Android phone manufacturer now makes iPhone cases, but why? Who the hell knows really, I can’t explain 90% of the marketing or business decisions OnePlus has made over the past year. Today the company officially announced that the invite process for the OnePlus 2 is coming to a permanent end on December 5. You can now buy a phone, that (mostly) nobody wants without begging, pretty damn sweet!

In addition to the OnePlus 2 going invite free indefinitely, the OnePlus X will also be available without an invite December 5-7 before returning to to invite hell on December 8. During the same period you will be able to get OnePlus 2 styleswap covers for 50% off, OnePlus One accessories for 90% off, and 10% almost everything else in their online store. Personally, I think the invite period ending for the OnePlus 2 is due to low demand.

To be clear, I don’t have a problem with OnePlus’ products, mainly just the company itself. While the OnePlus 2 was pretty lackluster in my opinion, the OnePlus X seems like a nice phone, but if you have AT&T you will have serious LTE issues in the US. I may pick up a OnePlus X and give it a whirl finally. Anyone else interested in any products from OnePlus during this invite-free period?

Source: OnePlus

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