More Samsung Holiday Promos! $200 Samsung Gift Card With Samsung Pay Activation and More!


Samsung has really been cranking out the Holiday promos. They have to be the best OEM when it comes to adding value to your smartphone purchase. I bought my Galaxy S6 Edge on release day and Samsung is making it the gift that keeps giving. When the phone first came out Samsung was offering a free year of Netflix. Of course I snatched up that offer instantly. They also gave away about $200 in free apps none of which really interested me. About a month ago they started a $300 gift package promo. I was able to claim mine which included On Level Headphones, a 5200mah quick charge battery pack, and a wireless charger!

Today they have announced another pretty major promo. If you activate Samsung Pay and add a card on any Samsung device you can request your $200 code. This code is usable on Samsung’s site. It would be pretty cool if this was for cash you could use with Samsung Pay. It is also kind of unfortunate that the $200 code mus be used before 3/15/16. My guess is that the S7 will come out the day after this code expires! This also enters you into the $23,000 football game day giveaway.

Another promo announced today is a free year of Netflix when you purchase the Galaxy Tab S2. Once you have purchased and received the tablet you can simply submit your claim by the end of January. You will need a copy of your receipt so keep that handy. There will be 9000 codes available and they will obviously be first come first serve.

Samsung Pay Promo

Samsung Tab S2 Netflix Promo

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