Next Moto X Will Feature A FingerPrint Scanner!

You know that little dent on the back of the Moto X? Do you know what it was originally meant to be? When the first Moto X was being designed they intended to put a fingerprint scanner on the back of the device. The fingerprint scanner would have gone right where that little dimple is. Of course the lack of the fingerprint scanner wasn’t a huge deal when the first Moto X was released as it simply wasn’t a prevalent feature. In fact most Moto X users where happy with the bump as it added a bit of ergonomics to the design of the phone.

The fact that the Moto X lineup does not feature a fingerprint scanner at the third iteration is actually perceived as a big negative. Most flagship devices these days come with at least that. Heck some low budget devices even feature a decent fingerprint scanner. Lenovo has announce that going forward Motorola devices will feature fingerprint scanners. They may even offer metal options for the phones.

This is great. Ever since owning the Galaxy S6 fingerprint scanners have been my primary means for protecting my personal information on my phones. Before using fingerprint scanners I would basically just leave my phones without a lock screen. I figured it was a waste of time to have to enter a password every time I needed to access something on my phone. Not only was it a waste of time it was just annoying. Having the fingerprint scanner makes using the phone much faster and painless. Hopefully the next Moto X has a fast and easy to use fingerprint scanner!


via TechSina

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