Leaked Diagram Confirms LG G5 Design Overhaul!



If LG has done one really good thing they have provided us with a totally different experience when it comes to the design language of their phones. Where it has been easier for the competition to basically copy one another LG has really stood out with a unique design in their G series for the past few years. Even the V10 did a really great job of just being different. The rear placement of the volume rocker and power button has always been a feature that really drew me in with these devices. It looks like LG will be changing things up a bit with the LG G5 design.



We have heard that LG will be bringing us an all metal design. We have also seen reports of a bottom hatch that allows for easy battery replacement. According to a leaked diagram these won’t be the only changes when it come to the LG G5. The diagrams show a change in dimensions. The diagram shows the new device being thinner, taller, and wider. We also see in the image that the volume rocker has been moved to the side of the device, and the power button/ fingerprint sensor remains on the back just below the camera.

We can expect to see a stellar IPS QHD display like we have seen in past models. Inside sources say the screen will be 5.6″. The screen should be an edge to edge display which would look pretty sharp! This device will be announced in just a few weeks in Barcelona at Mobile World Congress. My hopes are that LG pulls out all the stops with this device rather than releasing a slightly more premium model around the holiday like they did with the V10.

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