HTC Rumored to Make Two Nexus Phones in 2016


Although we’re only a few months removed from the launch of the Nexus 5X and 6P, it’s never too early for Android fans to start talking about the 2016 Nexus phones. In 2015 we saw two OEMs work together to produce the Nexus line, with LG giving us the plastic 5X, while Huawei produced the all-metal 6P. A rumor posted yesterday on Weibo details plans for HTC to design both Nexus phones in 2016. The devices will supposedly feature 5.0″ and 5.5″ screens, a pretty similar situation to what we saw this year. There were not any other specs or pricing information available, but we are still pretty far away from Nexus season. If HTC is indeed manufacturing both Nexus devices in 2016, it should give the company a chance to sell some high end handsets on a large scale outside of their signature M series.

Working on the Nexus line is familiar territory for HTC, having manufactured the first Nexus device and recently worked on the Nexus 9 tablet with Google. I’m mostly fine with HTC building the Nexus phones, but they better step their game up in the camera department. If HTC can bring the amazing build quality they’re known for, excellent boom sound speakers, and a solid camera-we’ll have a pretty amazing Nexus lineup in 2016. Manufacturing the Nexus phones may give HTC a chance to mount a resurgence in the flagship space, but it could also lead to a downfall if the phones are a huge disappointment. Personally, I’m willing to give HTC one final chance in 2016. Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

Source: Weibo via Droid Life

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