Easily Save More Than 50% Mobile Data On Youtube and Netflix!

AT&T recently announced the return of unlimited data. The new unlimited data plans have a few stipulations. In order to qualify for the offer you have to be a DirecTV or Uverse TV subscriber. If your family who shares the unlimited data uses more than 22GB in a month all lines will be throttled to 3G speeds when on congested networks. You can have up to 4 lines on the plan with unlimited calls, text, and data with that throttle limit for only $180. If you are currently on a tiered or shared data plan that could sound pretty appealing. 

T-mobile has began to offer what they call “Binge-On”. This program allows you to stream certain content without limitations. The only set back is that the content is delivered at its very worst quality. This feature is also turned on by default which is kind of backhanded. It would be a great feature if T-mo had given the consumer the right to turn it on only if they chose to since it sort of cripples video streaming in order to boost T-Mobile profits. It would have been nice to see a simple on-off switch. Verizon has released a statement that any rumors of them bringing back unlimited data is just foolishness.

Saving data may be on your mind at all times if you are on a shared data plan. More than likely you are searching for free wifi wherever you go. Opera just released an app that allows you to save more than half of your mobile data when using video streaming services like youtube and netflix. The app works as a vpn giving you a compressed version of your stream and in turn saving you tons of data. In my fist day of using the app I saved half a gigabyte of data! Check out the video above for the full demonstration.


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