Honor 5X Full Video Review! Budget Phone King!

Huawei has been a cell phone power house in Asian markets, and with all that success abroad they have finally decided to test out the US market place with the Honor brand. Many of you here in the US are already familiar with Huawei thanks to their production of the Nexus 6P, still many of you have never seen or held a Huawei made device. Huawei sent me an Honor 5X for review. I have to say I was a bit skeptical at first. All I have seen for this device has mostly been rave reviews. While the device is not perfect it certainly outperformed my expectations.

The phone will only set you back $200 and is a bit of a steal at that price point. The phone features a metal unibody design and is a great looking device especially the gold option. The display is a very good looking 1080p display. It won’t beat any QHD displays but it gets pretty bright and colors look great. You can see lots of detail in video with this display. The camera leaves a bit to be desired. There is no optical image stabilization which meant in order for me to get a blur free shot I had to stabilize the camera by holding it with both hands and keeping it as still as possible. When images where taken with the camera stabilized they turned out pretty great. Colors were good, detail was good, but there was a bit of overexposure when images where taken with lots of sunlight. Video was basically unusable thanks to wild overexposure, jarring white balance correction, and wobbly image thanks to no OIS.

The software also left a bit more to be desired. EMUI is not my favorite Android skin. It is very heavy and tends to slow things down quite a bit putting your device into lag city. The good news is that the phone is easily bootloader unlocked and rom development will come soon. For more details on the programmable fingerprint scanner, battery life, and full performance details check out the video.


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