OnePlus X vs Honor 5X Speed Test and Benchmarks!


In the video above we send the OnePlus X and the Honor 5X through a gauntlet performance test to see which device comes out on top. The test is designed to see how fast each device is at doing simple tasks like open and close apps, and multitasking. The first lap is just a quick run opening each app and then returning to the homescreen. The OnePlus X does a great job at this. It has excellent single core performance and 3GB of Ram. It flies through the entire list of apps without a problem. The 5X on the other hand opens up a few apps quickly but bogs down with each app it opens to the point it is at a crawl by the time it gets to the 6th app. Facebook ended up taking about 20 seconds to load.

As far as multitasking goes the OnePlus X was a champ with that as well it ran through the second lap opening up each app without having to reload from scratch. The Honor 5X on the other hand appeared to do well with the first few apps, but ended up having to reload the majority of the apps from scratch.

The OnePlus X was the clear performance winner. I still see a lot of good in the 5X. It has an all metal design which i prefer, a programmable fingerprint scanner (my favorite feature of the phone), and is a steal at only $200. The OnePlus X on the other hand cuts a lot of corners to get to the $299 price point. It lacks some pretty big things like NFC, AT&T LTE support and some T-Mo LTE support, fingerprint scanner and more. In the end you are paying for performance with the OnePlus X and decent performance and great design and features with the 5X . Which device would you choose?

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