Future Google Nexus Phones Will Not Run Pure Android!

According to recent interview with Google CEO Sundar Pichai, Google will make future Google Nexus phones with more features on top of pure Android.

While Google has done a terrific job of making Nexus phones with pure Google OS, this new change will mean more cool features added to new Nexus phones.  This may actually be a good thing as Nexus phones have always been very “pure” but its features were lacking.  Personally, I’ve always loved older Samsung phones (like Note 4) that could run both TouchWiz and AOSP (pure Google OS) on the same phone.

Most likely, future Google Nexus phones will be able to still run pure Google OS for those who root and install custom ROMs.  While this may not seem like good news for purists out there, in the long run it may just simply mean more custom ROMs for flasholics like myself who find the same AOSP ROMs reverbrated as different ROMs.

What do you think of this change?  Will it benefit you or no?

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  1. chakkde says:

    did he said that? you are lying… f o

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