T-Mobile Launches Freebie App For T-Mobile Tuesdays!


Today began T-Mobile Tuesdays. T-mobile will be giving out free stuff every week starting today! This was announced during yesterday’s Uncarrier event and as you could guess T-Mo customers were pretty excited! Along with the free stuff T-Mobile will also be giving away free stock to customers. This is all in an attempt to acquire new customers and this move has seriously got me thinking about switching.

Today the app was so popular that it was down for most of the day. As you can imagine consumer excitement quickly turned into disappointment. Much later in the day as people gave up on the app some folks were able to finally cash in on the deals that were offered. My twitter feed was flooded with pictures of folks enjoying a free pizza from Dominos and empty Frosty cups from Wendy’s.

Another freebie included free movie tickets to Warcraft via Fandango. There are already some pretty big names lined up to offer freebies in the coming weeks including Buffalo Wild Wings, Conde Nast, Lyft, MLB, MGM Resorts, Samsung, StubHub, Warner Brothers, Universal Pictures, JackThreads, HotelTonight, Gift, Shell, and others.

This could be the thing to put Groupon out of business. With millions of subscribers T-Mobile is more than likely able to get this free stuff at a heavily discounted price. Businesses offering the freebies can consider this advertisement and may even offer the goods to T-Mobile for free.

T-Mobile is responding to the T-Mobile Tuesday app’s downtime officially addressing the issue. They have not really given us a solution yet. Hopefully they will offer rain checks for those of you that missed out on the pizza deal.

Is the new freebie program enough to earn your business. Personally for me the T-Mo network still isn’t strong enough in my area to consider moving from Verizon. As much as I think it would be cool for Verizon to offer deals like this they don’t have to beg for customers.


via TechCrunch

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