Pokemon Go Hacks for Android Roundup!


If you are a fan of Pokemon Go, Pokemon Go has been hacked for Android this week so everyone in anywhere in the world can enjoy it.  Here’s a round-up of all the recent Pokemon Go hacks.

One of the biggest problems with Pokemon Go is that it uses GPS location to play the game.  If you live in an area where Pokemon Go is not yet supported or so-called Pokemon Go “Deadzone”, then you really cannot enjoy the game at all even though you can download and install it on the Play Store.

Now, there is a simple way to add a virtual joystick to Pokemon Go on any rooted Android device so you can play it without actually traveling anywhere.  This hack will also allow you to transport to different cities in the world through GPS spoofing so you can play the game where it’s support well such as New York City or LA.

But using this Pokemon Go hack will most likely get you banned from the game temporarily (you won’t be able to catch Pokemons/Pokestops for 10 minutes to 6 hours) and you will definitely want to change your IP also using VPN to fully play the game without interruption. (See How to Not Get Banned While using GPS Spoofing!)

Of course, this is a game designed to walk around to get Pokemons so we do not condone ever using any cheats or hacks but if you cannot enjoy the game because of reasons like being disabled, in a Pokemon Go Deadzone, or injured, there’s always a way with a rooted Android, one of the coolest reasons why you should root your device.

4 Responses

  1. Kaif says:

    Gsjiss ighkkfcnjjj

  2. Adrianmamali says:

    I hope this would work please hehehe wewwww lolllllll!!!!!

  3. Adrianmamali says:

    I hope this would work if this would work I’m gonna make a party for every body yey if is not gonna work I’m gonna kill my self in the street.

  4. TDubbz24 says:

    Install Xsposed and get the Xsposed Pokemon Module, it allows you to choose your location without Mock Location and also shows you what Pokemon are in whatever area you are putting your trainer. Also has the joystick and options to bookmark your favorite locations and auto-walk feature

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