Galaxy Note 9 Launch on August 9th!

Samsung has announced the new future date for next Galaxy Note 9, launch date is a August 9th. While there has been many leaks of the Galaxy Note 9 will be finally revealed on the launch date.  Earlier today, the Galaxy Note 9 was certified by the FCC, specifically the SM-N960F and SM-N960F/DS(dual SIM) models.  Galaxy Note 9 should have Exynos 9810 for the international SM-N960F and SM-N960F/DS models while the U.S. models should have Snapdragon 845 processor.

What we know so far?

The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 will not have a notch while supposedly with very little bezels.  While many new Android smartphones come with a notch, I am personally glad Samsung is not following the ugly fad.

Design hasn’t changed drastically from last year and you can expect very similar look and feel to last year’s Note 8.  Camera should be upgraded most likely same camera hardware as Galaxy S9.

While Note 9 would be a huge upgrade for those of you on older Note 5 or older, it probably isn’t worth it to upgrade from Note 8 unless you absolutely need the latest processor and camera.  My personal advice is to actually hold up on newer devices and get a better deal by buying last year’s Note 8.  Besides, if you root your Note 8, you can easily get newer software features of Note 9 without buying a new phone.  And I can tell you this since my Note 8 is already running S9 ROM with all S9 features.(For full instructions, see S9 ROM for Galaxy Note 8 post, you will need an international Exynos model with an unlocked bootloader.)

Although Samsung Galaxy smartphones have been one of the best on the market,  small incremental upgrades mean you may be better off waiting for the price to drop rather than picking one up on the actual launch date.

How to do you feel about the upcoming Galaxy Note 9?  Are you currently a Note user?  Share thoughts in our new forum.



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